Footprint of Life

What to do with life? – The walk to Makkah.

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What do you want to leave behind?

Follow me while I go on a journey finding out what I and others want to do with life. This will be my Footprint of Life!

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One Question

What to do with life?

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One Deadline

114 Days to reach Makkah starting on foot! 

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Footprint of Life phone. What to do with life? Life questions. Walk to Makkah
No Money

Travelling with €0,00 to start with! Only me, my faith and some base equipment.

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Hundreds of Stories

My story, your story and the ones of the people I've met.

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So starting with 0,00 euro in my pocket, with no vehicle except my feet, I want to reach, with the Will of Allah, Greece within 100 days prior going to Makkah. While doing so I am going to do chores all over Europe and share people's dreams, stories and mission! 

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"..So race to (all that is) good.." Qu'ran[5:48]

If you respect my journey, support the people in need!

While I've chosen to make this journey, many people need to do the same...But without a choice!
Isn't it important to help each other in times of need? Times where they cannot help theirselves? There are wars going on all over the world, and while some of us might be in a comfortable situation, many of us are not. So we must help our fellow humans beings in any way possible.

So the choice is upon you: To help these people and let it be a part of your footprint of your life. 

Thank you.