In cooperation with the Hajjriders you can donate here for the people of Syria.

The Hajjriders are a group of muslims who cycled from the United Kingdom to Madinah in order to worship Allah, Exalted is He, and collect money for the people in need. Quoted from their donation page: · The atrocities have been well documented and we need not have to look far for numerous incidents where a medic couldn’t save a life. And why was that? Because there is a shortage of medical equipment · Here is an opportunity for you brothers and sisters to play a hand in saving lives of those injured and in need of medical treatment · Remember, we learn from the Qur’an that “if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind…”

Donate to Islamic Relief

For the people from Myanmar, Syria, Iraq but also Eastern Africa or any global emergency! We can use your help now more than ever, make sure this is a part of your footprint!