People’s Footprints


Diverse service

"All humanbeings, animals and creatures have their own footprint and story. Their own uniqueness which they can use to serve existence. The trees serve us and we serve the trees: They breath what we need, and we breath what they need. Like the trees we also serve each other. When we grow up our parents serve us, and when our parents are old we serve them. And the best service is the service to God. So let all your deeds be as a service to God, even the service to people. "

I've explained what The Individual Footprint (TIF) is here. Here are the stories shared from some beautiful people I have met! We searched for their footprints based on the following questions:

"What did you leave behind until now?"

"What do you want to leave behind?"

"Why do you want to leave this behind?"

"How are you going to leave this behind?"

"What do you do right now, to leave this behind?"