Bart, The Netherlands, Hobby Researcher

People's Footprints

“What did you leave behind until now?”

What I did with my life until now

‘To be honest, I don’t think I’ve left behind much more than confusion and talk. For example I have a tendency to start on big projects, combined with the attention span of a goldfish and the focus of a sugared-up kid, as a result this usually ends up in disaster.’

“What do you want to leave behind?”

What I want to do with life

‘One of the positives on starting all these projects, is that patterns start to emerge; Therefore I’m starting to recognize what the core interests are that keep pulling me from A to B to C. I do like own that curiosity, research it and – here it comes – see if I can use that knowledge and experience to provide some value for other people.’

“Why do you want to leave this behind?”

Why I want to do this with life

‘Whichever way you spin it; we’re going to be here for a short while. Add to that my complete uncertainty on living a “good” life and dedicating myself to something that might help myself, and those around me, while maybe not the “goodest” doesn’t seem like such a bad thing.’

“How are you going to leave this behind?”

How I want to do this in life

‘Read, write, experiment, talk, and test. By making sure I’m set financially, in a way that doesn’t completely crush my soul in the progress, I can take baby steps to clarity every day.

A little more specific; establish a well-wrought scientific base on the phenomenon of this curiosity and intergrate this within a business idea.’

“What do you do right now, to leave this behind?”

What I am doing with life

‘Especially relevant; I read, write, experiment, talk, and test.’

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